Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More firsts with my fourth

Really you think it will be a breeze the fourth time around.  You know the drill.  No surprises, right? 

Wrong.  They are all so different from physical traits to personality characteristics.  Surprises abound! 
For example, I have never been so dependent on buckles before.  I have used them in strollers and in grocery store baskets most of the time, but never in high chairs really.  This is because none of my children have ever even tried to stand up or get out of the highchair until now.  I ran upstairs while Drew was eating some bananas and told Isaac to call me if Drew needed me before I got back.  When I walked back in to the kitchen Drew was standing in the highchair turned around reaching for the frame on the wall.  Isaac was calmly eating breakfast.  Oops!   Really, double oops, because I sometimes forget that Isaac is not Hannah.  Hannah, at 2 years old would have been on top of that.  I still remember her dumping out a bucket of toys to play with right in front of 6 month old Genna and immediately picking out all of the choking hazards and putting them out of her reach.  After I rescued Drew and made a mental note to use the buckle (even though I have my doubts that a mere buckle would stop this guy), I explained to a completely unaware Isaac what to do next time in a situation like this. 

Drew has also tried to dive out of his float in the pool, nearly successfully. And, of course, there was the time when Isaac was trying to keep a toy away from Drew and put it on the kitchen table.  Drew reached up and could reach it since it was on the edge.  Isaac moved it back and before I knew what happened Drew put one foot on the bottom rail of each chair next to him and had his elbow up on the table.  Whew!  I have never had a climber, and one with no fear at that!  What am I going to do?  And how am I going to homeschool and keep this guy out of trouble?  Drew's guardian angel sure has his work cut out for him.  Each of our children have different struggles, and Brian and I pray specifically for each of them.  Brian told me the other day that we need to pray Drew simply makes it to adulthood.  True, true.


Anonymous said...

I told you he was a climber- watch out!

Becca said...

I think we'll be praying the same thing around here. Caleb never needed buckles either but Isaiah is turning out to be quite adventurous and tries to climb out of everything. I'm not realizing why some people buy strollers with shoulder straps :)