Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drew 9 1/2 Months: Overdue Update

Food:  He's pretty much done with baby food, although I have been trying to use up the bit I bought for traveling.  In fact, he wants to eat right off my plate.  Even if I have the same food on his own plate, somehow my food is better.  Most recently, he loved home made chicken soup, Mexican food (beans, rice, guacamole, cheese, chicken and beef), and potato salad.  He has one of those mesh feeders where you put the food in it and he can chew on things he may otherwise choke on.  The latest thing he liked in that contraption were raw carrots and oranges.

Sleeping/Schedule:  The last week or so, Drew has been having trouble with his naps.  He has had some days where he only takes two 30-45 minute naps which is so different from the two 1.5- 2 hour naps he was taking before.  I can sometimes squeeze in a third nap on the really bad days, but at least he is sleeping well at night.  Hoping this erratic nap phase will pass quickly!  I love those 2 hour naps!

Physical Development:  He is still crawling and pulling up.  He moves along furniture a tiny bit, but not very efficiently.  He has tried standing alone briefly a few times now.  His newest things are clapping, waving, dancing, and signing "More," "Where," and "Drink."  I am very excited about the signs since that always helps a ton in dealing with babies.

Verbal Development:  He has been saying "Mama," "Dada," "Up," and Uh oh," and now he is saying "Ball" and "Wow" and "Oh."  He is also making the vroom sounds for cars.

My first sink bath!

Drew was a lot calmer in the sink than I thought he would be...the first time we tried this.  The second time he was his usual self and grabbing for everything and diving.  He's a handful.
Teeth:  Drewy got two new teeth on top since we left Maryland.  One the first week and one the second week.  Fun times, that teething.

Trouble:  He is still getting into everything, but if I tell him "No" he will 98% of the time listen and obey.  He just finds trouble everywhere.  Just the other day he grabbed a soda can out of my purse.  As I was going to take it away and put it up, he slams it against a wooden edge and it starts spewing root beer everywhere.  I had to throw it out of the back door of my parents' house like a grenade.  About a week ago, he took a spill on the driveway.  He was trying to bear crawl and carry toys at the same time and went down on his face when he lost his balance.  He constantly amazes me with the messes he makes and trouble that he attracts.  Good thing he's cute!  No really, I actually love it because its what makes him special and unique.  Plus, he gives me some great stories and a lot of good laughs.  It makes for a bigger job for me though to keep him safe.

Here he is carrying a toy in one hand and in his mouth.  I guess when you are the fourth child you come up with creative ways to hold on to your toys.
Best Qualities: My favorite things about this guy are what a great car traveler he is and how social and smiley he is. 

Toys and Interests:  His favorite things, by far, are balls.  He also loves hair brushes which leads to many searches for missing hairbrushes.  All the more reason to sing the old silly song from Veggie Tales, "Oh, Where is My Hairbrush?"  Unfortunately, he also loves toilet paper and unrolling it.  This would be the 2% of the time that he doesn't obey.  :)

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