Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trip Part 6: Fourth of July in Red River

We spent our Fourth of July in Red River, New Mexico this year.  There was a burn ban due to the wildfires in Colorado and the dry weather in those parts.  So no fireworks this year, but they had a great parade.

The big kids watched the parade and awaited the throwing of candy.  It really was a big parade considering how small the town is.

I have never seen horses in a parade before.  You know Genna loved that!

Look at the beautiful scenery.  America the beautiful!

Mimi hung out with a sleeping Drew for the first part of the parade, but then switched with me.

I have also never seen a man with a bottle of Moonshine and a rifle in a parade before.  Only in the south!

Drewy woke up just in time to see the last of the parade.

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