Saturday, July 28, 2012

Typical Drew

One of my favorite things about my son, Drew, the thing that I can't help smile at every single time is how he says "Wow" and "Oh" so often.  I just love it and I told Brian that I really needed to get it on video before he outgrows this adorable habit.  I L-O-V-E this guy!

See you were smiling too, weren't you?

Drew is not a snuggler, but lately his momentary cuddles have been a bit more frequent.  I have to cherish the moment because it usually doesn't last long until he off search of trouble.

Drew is on his knees a lot and this is just a very typical pose for him.  He chases balls around the house and gets on his knees to throw them.

Downward Dog pose.  He really doesn't do the regular crawl much it is either the one legged crawl (kind of in the half sitting position) or the bear crawl.  Boy, he is fast though!  Notice the drool from his mouth to the floor.  This is also typical these days.  There must be a new tooth on its way.  My dad nicknamed him Drewling because of it.

I finally got around to getting him standing on camera too.  He's been doing this for a long time, but he doesn't stand still for long since he is literally always on the go until we sit down in the rocking chair before bed time.  Then he crashes immediately.  This facial expression of his is also typical Drew.  Can you tell what he was saying?  I can guarantee you it was "Wow" or "Oh."

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Jennifer said...

Love your new header, and your sweet Drewling! So glad I got to hear those "wows" and "ohs" a couple weeks ago--it is adorable!!