Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ice Cream Party: Part 2

Well, here it is finally!  The actual party.  We started out with an ice cream word search which bombed.  My thoughts were that I needed to keep the kids from taking off to play while waiting for everyone to arrive.  Apparently nobody likes word searches.  The birthday girl, herself, said this was the "low" of the party when I asked.  However, it did keep the kids in the party room which was the purpose.  I served the snack cups and cheese balls at this time.

Next we moved on to pin the cherry on the ice cream cone.  I forgot to get pictures of this, but I cut out and taped an ice cream cone to the wall and had a red puff ball for the cherry.  I blindfolded the girls and stuck tape to the puff ball (i.e. pom pom)  This was a fun activity, but it was so hard for that many kids to wait in line.  

Next we did the ice cream sundae bar where they got to make their own ice cream cone sundaes.  The toppings were a huge hit!  While some girls were eating, we started on the photo booth.  The girls loved this just like I thought they would.  Some of them kept going back to the end of the line for another funny pose.  Hannah made me super proud quietly and voluntarily going last for almost everything.  She also took care of the youngest girl and made sure to include her in everything.  Going last is not naturally easy for her, so I was especially proud for this reason. 

After that came THE hit of the party.  The hunt for the cherry at the bottom of a bowl covered in whip cream...with no hands.  I read about this on the internet somewhere and my first thought was, "In the house?"  I am not a huge fan of messes, but then I thought about it and remembered my Aunt Cindy and how her daughters always raved about the parties she threw.  The reason they were such hits was the crazy and messy games involving pies in the face and eating things without hands.  I decided that if this party was going to be memorable for Hannah I had to do it.  I don't have carpet to worry about.  What's the hold up?  It was so great and I think the parents enjoyed watching as much as the kids enjoyed digging their faces into the whip cream.

 You may have noticed that Genna cheated a bit at the end, so she was disqualified.  :)  She said that she had to pick up the bowl because it wouldn't stay still.  That's my Genna for you, never quite getting that that was the point of the game.

The faces were the best!  The real winner is in the brown here!

One dad even licked his daughter clean!  Hilarious!
Then Hannah opened her gifts.

Cake time came last since their tummies all needed to rest a bit.  In the end, it turned out few could brave a piece of cake.  That's okay, making it and looking at it was the fun for me, so it was still worth the effort.  The cake is my favorite part of every party, even though I really don't like to eat it myself.

This one's going to be hard to top!

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