Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Cutest Stinker I Know

Drew is such an individual!
Drew is a big daddy's boy still, and I know somebody who LOVES that.  Come to think of it, I know two somebodies.  It's kind of nice not to be the one with the baby hanging on my leg crying for me to pick him up, at least when dad's home anyway.
 Sorry, I have been so bad again with the blog.  This time I've got lots to update on, but no time to do it.  Today though was a big day for Drew and I and I wanted to take a moment and take note of it.  This morning he wanted a banana and milk more than to nurse so maybe he just weaned himself.  I was thinking of making the final break after the new year, but I guess if he is ready now then we'll just go with it.  He was only nursing first thing in the morning anyway.

He appears to be a lover of Aggie football too.  Another plus for daddy.
 Another notable thing for Drew is his molars seem to be on their way which has given way to the crankies and some trouble falling asleep.  Genna was my only other baby whose sleep was affected by molars coming in.  I was planning to post soon about Drew's improvement in his mass behavior, but the recent crankies have set us back a little again.  He was listening and staying by me quietly all last week, but this week has been taken out a few times for parts due to screams of protest.  The crankies also totally embarrassed me at the post office the other day when they reared their ugly head in an excessively long line.  I handle this much better than I did when it was baby Hannah throwing a tantrum in public.  I used to be convinced I was an awful mother, now I know it happens to everyone with every kid at least once.  However, a different paranoid thought crossed my mind these days when my baby turns into the noisiest spaghetti I've ever seen on the floor of the post office.  Everyone in line must be thinking, "If her kids act like that, "why does she keep having more?"  I hope that's not true, but in this day and age, where human life is often given so little value, I can see it being the case.  I was so glad to get out of the post office because not only was Drew being a toot, but it was so hot in there since we are having a heat wave in December for some reason and silly me had us all dressed for an actual winter.  All in all, I am not sure that that book of stamps to pay the homeowner's association bill was worth all that.

So as not to end on a bad note for my cutie pie...
Nothin' but sweet, clean chubs!

...because I sure do love him and all the spunk and danger he brings to our family.  We wouldn't bet the same without him, probably be raising a bunch of wusses.  Just today Drew helped me teach Isaac to defend himself (in a loving way, of course) against an armed (with a stick) and dangerous baby on the loose.  Better to learn this at home with his baby brother than out in the real world with Brutus the Bully, right? 


Jeff said...

Why not just get stamps at the grocery store?

Kelle said...

Well, the post office is literally one block from my house and it usually isn't busy. I forgot that Christmas mailing already started.