Monday, December 10, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

 We do a big Saint Nicholas Day thing in our family.  This year Brian was able to go into work a tad later than usual and spend the early morning with us.  This may be the first time he has been home for it.  We had a great morning together.

The girls' stockings and a few extras- We got Hannah some slippers and Genna some new PJs.  Both of them got fuzzy blankets since they love to do school with blankets wrapped around them on cold days.  They also both got German mugs that I bought years ago when we lived in Germany, but was waiting until they were old enough to be responsible and not break them.

The boys' stockings and extras- The boys got a skutt bike (a 2 wheeled bike with no pedals, you use your balance to keep you up and your legs to "run" with) to share since Isaac will really only need this for a short while until he starts riding a regular bike, and Drew is not quite ready for it, but it shouldn't be long since he is such a go-getter.  Isaac also got a new helmet, so Drew can have his old one, and a transformer and Star Wars gun that dad picked out.  Drew got a light up bouncy ball and other balls.

In the girls' stockings, Brian sneaked in something extra...earrings! And a matching pair showed up in my stocking as well.

She wears the slippers all the time!

Little brother is stealing Isaac's stuff already.

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