Saturday, August 17, 2013

D+1: Here we go again!

One day past my due date AGAIN.  My boys really don't like to come out into the world until they're drug out and weigh over 10 pounds.  Why is that? I wonder.

Today was a full day.  No rest for the weary.  It started with heading out to my doctor's appointment with all the children in tow.  They've been to most of my appointments, but I usually try not to take them to these last few when I have exams and such.  We came up with a last minute plan though when other plans fell through.  The big kids were going to step out into the hall when the exam occurred, but there ended up being a big curtain so they just hung out on the other side of that instead.  Turns out I was 4cms this time.  Surprise.  Surprise.  I already knew that would be the case.  That's how things go with me.  I walk around in labor, but not "in labor" for weeks.  Anyway, I scheduled a non-stress test for Wednesday and a Thursday evening induction that I may or may not keep.  I have a tendency of rescheduling those, just so sure I am going to actually go into labor on my own then panicking when I go one day beyond the farthest that I have ever gone before.  This time that would be 13 days overdue.  I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.  We'll see how things go.

I was alittle dejected feeling after my appointment because the doctor was the same doctor I saw last week (which just about never happens for me) and he gave me completely opposite advice this week as last week.  Last week it was, you could probably just break your water to induce if you get up to 5cms, and this week it was, you should try Pitocin first and break your water after that.  Aaagh!  The inconsistency just is not helpful to this emotionally unstable overdue pregnant woman!

So then our day continued with lunch at Urban Bar-BQ, one of our faves out by the hospital and on the way to the airport.  We then headed to the airport to pick up Mimi, my mom.  About 10 minutes from the airport, Drew starts screaming, specifically, "Out!  Out! Out!" (which he NEVER does in the car) and I am trying to calm him down.  Just as it hits me that he might be getting car sick, I look back at him for a second and start to tell Hannah to grab the bucket when the puke starts coming.  He threw up his whole lunch, and then felt so much better.  Unfortunately, it got all over him and the straps of the car seat before Hannah could get the bucket up to him.  We get to the airport shortly after and Mimi rushes to open the van door, only to be greeted by the cutest toddler covered in vomit.  Welcome to Maryland!  And welcome to my life!  I wiped him and the seat down and put a clean shirt on him before we headed back home.  He promptly fell asleep for the drive home.

I was contracting every 6-9 minutes at this point and feeling miserable, but hopeful at the same time.  We decided to try to go out to dinner after my contractions got a little better.  That turned out to be not the best decision since Drew's usual 3 hour nap had been about 45 minutes long.  He was a disaster, and usually he is pretty good at restaurants.  My contractions spread out during dinner and are just not cutting it now.  All I can do is pray for pain, I guess.

So that I do not leave you without any pictures, here are the girls after completing one of their chemistry experiments this week.  They made the first ten elements using different sized and colored marshmallows for the protons, neutrons, and electrons.  They learned about how the nucleus is where most of the mass/weight lies, how to tell how many protons and electrons there are in each element by looking at the atomic number, and about energy levels and how many electrons can go into the first two energy levels.

A casualty of this experiment is that Drew may refer to marshmallows as "neutrons" for some time.  He kept asking to eat "neutrons."

Mother Mary and St. Jude, pray for Tad to be born a healthy little guy this weekend.

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K said...

I love that Drew wants to eat neutrons now! Cute! We loved that experiment, too. The hall was a great choice to spread it out!