Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Due Date

Kelle is due with baby number 5 tomorrow. Such a trooper!
This picture was taken yesterday. 

Dear Due Date,

Oh, how I wish you meant that my baby would actually come!  You really just get everybody's hopes up for nothing.  I'm not a big fan of you, Due Date.  I was hoping since this time you are on such a beautiful feast day (Feast of the Assumption) that maybe, just maybe my baby would be born miraculously on that special day.  The day's not over, but, I've got to say, it's not looking good for me.
Gone Past My Due Date Too Many Times

Yesterday, we went blackberry picking with some friends of ours.  It was a beautiful day with a breeze, sunshine, and 60 degree temps.  The kids had a lot of fun, but Drew got bored after I wouldn't let him eat anymore blackberries for fear of the diapers to come.  Turned out I was right to be concerned about that since he got the rash of a lifetime by that evening.  He was crying so hard I ended up soaking him in the bath to soothe it.  He's a very tough guy, and I have only seen him cry like that when he's gotten his head busted pretty badly.  It was hard to keep track of how many were going in his mouth.

An example of how tough Drew is, he actually pulled a "bee" off his neck and let it go.  It probably wasn't a bee since I never found a point of sting, but I wouldn't put it past him.  My other three kids were such weanies that they would've run around screaming if they just thought a bug of any kind might have been on them at this age.  

"What do you mean I can't eat anymore blackberries?"  Look at those cheeks full of berries!

"Eat.  Eat.  Eat."  That was about all he could say during our hour of picking.

The dirty little hands after the job was done.
We filled a whole bucket and another pint container with blackberries.  We've probably eaten half of the giant bucket already.  We are hiding them from Drew until his precious bottom heals a bit.

I'll be trying to post daily until the baby is born.  Once he's here and I have posted about his arrival and long awaited name, I make no promises about posting.

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