Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everybody Gets a Haircut Before Due Date...Check.

I always cut everyone's hair before a new baby to buy us some time in that department.  The girls and I all went together to get our haircuts.  I got a trim and texturized because I am having fun braiding my hair lately and want the ease of a ponytail once the baby is born.  I didn't cut it as short as usual, but it still needed to be thinned a bit so it's not so heavy and puffy.

Genna's hair was getting too long, tangled, and heavy so she got a trim.   It looks like more was taken off than what we actually did because without the weight her curls are rejuvenated and shrinks the look of her hair.

Hannah wanted hers lopped off to her ears, but her daddy couldn't take that so we compromised with an above the shoulder cut.  She does her own hair 98% of the time now, and this makes it easier for her to still look presentable.  My stylist really didn't want to cut it all off, but Hannah assured her that's what she wanted.

I gave the boys buzz cuts one afternoon on the front porch.

He really loves his Dorritos!
I used a no. 4 on this funny little man.

I used a no. 2 on this cutie.

The only person I could not convince to get a haircut is Brian who normally keeps it nice and short.  This summer he has decided to start on a mustache too.  I am anxiously awaiting the end of this phase.  :)

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