Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Great Name Compromise

It's been

when it comes to naming this baby boy.  We had 8 names going into the delivery room.  I had one favorite and all the rest were just "so so" in my mind.  Brian had one least favorite and the rest were all equally good.  However, he had one slight preference.  The biggest problem was that his least favorite was my favorite, and his most preferred was pretty low on my list if forced to rank them.  So, he had no name until we were faced with the birth certificate form as we were being discharged from the hospital.  We had finally come to the compromise that we would pick our two favorite names and make one the first name and one the middle name instead of picking a middle name off our middle name list (which was also quite lengthy.)  I agreed to let Brian have the first name if he would let me call him by his middle name.  Yes, this is a strange arrangement.  Brian will call him by his first name and I will call him by his middle name.  We will introduce him however we want.  The assumption is that one of us will eventually start calling by the other name at some point.  For now he certainly doesn't know the difference.  Heck, he's still being called Tad a good part of the time.  So what's the name?

Benjamin Judah Smith

It sounds nice together.  Both names are Jacob's sons in the Old Testament and tribes of Israel  They are also both saint names.  The only real problem I foresee is what to monogram on everything that I have been waiting on.  The whole name is too long for some items.  Haven't quite figured that out yet.

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