Monday, August 19, 2013

D+3: Really Thought It Was Time

Last night at 1am, I woke up with really bad indigestion.  When I got back in bed, contractions started up harder than I had been having and pretty close together.  I tried to sleep and did sleep in a half-sleep sort of way most of the night.  The contractions were sometimes as close as 5 minutes so I was getting very excited to have to wake Brian up in the morning and tell him we may have to go to the hospital soon.  This was my thinking at 5:15am.  By 7am, they stopped being hard contractions and then they really started to spread out.  We decided to get up and see how getting ready to go to Mass went.  Things totally stopped, and so off to Mass we went.  I got to see many jaws drop at church when people saw me still pregnant.

Although I sat through most of Mass because I was uncomfortable and exhausted, everything was mostly proceeding as usual.  I took a nap when we got back because I had a friend coming for a visit after lunch.  I had a  nice visit with her.  Then it was back to the regular routine: making dinner, getting kids ready for bed, story time, and prayer time.  

So no baby, just an awful night's sleep.

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