Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Best Little House Guests

 We had some visitors last week, not for the whole week though.  My good friend was on bed rest and then in the hospital for one night.   (She is due with her number 4 mid- August, like me.)  We watched her three girls one day, and they spent the night one night as well.  Isaac is the odd man out since the rest of them have a playmate their age, but the girls tried their best to include him.  They had a lot of fun, and it was a pleasure to have them over!  Very often I feel like people are always helping me out and I don't get the chance to help others.  It feels great to be able to help out a friend!

Drew made me proud because he was super gentle and sweet to his buddy.  He kept hugging her and asking her to play trains with him.

A Guess who? game in one room...

...and a chess game in the other.  Look how far Drew has come!  He didn't mess up their chess game even once!  So much improvement!
If I can handle seven kids then surely five is doable, right?  I don't know if that really counts though since these girls were such stellar house guests.  They were constantly offering to help, took good care of their littlest sis, and even helped me fold laundry.  The littlest sis (one month older than Drew) was so easy compared to a typical day with Drew.

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K said...

I love it!! The picture of Drew with T is classic! She wants to come see Drew every time we go for a ride now, still, just so you know. Glad they all behaved, and thank you again for such last-minute hospitality and flexibility!