Sunday, January 12, 2014

Drew and the Big Two

Year two has been good to Drew so far.  His vocabulary has really improved a lot, he potty trained himself way earlier than expected, and he hits and bites a lot less often.  Unlike his baby brother he is a big time daddy's boy!

Brian had just come home from work and was putting his stuff down and looking at the mail.  Drew thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Drew keeps us laughing.  On New Year's Eve, we were saying our goodbyes to our neighbors, when I told him to say goodbye to Mr. Steve.  He goes over to Steve's sister and gives her a big hug saying, "Dood bye, Midder Deve."  She tickled him or something he didn't like and he came over to tattle on her and called her "Midder Deve" again. It just cracked us all up that he thought she was Mr. Steve when he's known him his whole life.

Drew keeps us on our toes.  Another time when we were at the same neighbor's house, I heard the front door and turned to see Drew coming back into the room.  I, just realizing that I had lost track of him, said, "What did you do?  Where were you?  And why didn't I know you were missing?"  My neighbor who has just two kids thought this was endlessly hilarious.

Drew is learning more about God.  Although, the older three could say all the important prayers well before this age, he just can finish the last word or two of each line.  I am pretty sure he just doesn't have the attention span for a whole prayer yet.  However, he did surprise me the other day and tell me, "Jesus die for me, Mom."  He thinks practically every picture of a baby is baby Jesus now too.

I am glad he is getting easier to handle, but I wish he would let his siblings help him with things more.  Since Judah was born, he only wants me to do everything for him it seems.  So that is why you'll find me sitting in the bathroom, nursing Judah while simultaneously wiping Drew's behind.  Oh yes, I just left you with a great mental picture of what my life is like.  :)

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