Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Technically it's still Christmas

Despite the fact that the world stops celebrating on December 26th, the Christmas season is just getting started then and lasts until Epiphany, January 6th.  (That's today!)  We still have our decorations up and I realized I didn't put pictures of most of them up this year yet.  Plus, I found this picture that I hadn't scanned and posted yet.  This Santa pic was taken at our church's Christmas bazaar before Advent even began.

Judah was apparently bored of the whole thing.

Judah's stocking isn't quite finished yet, but it will be soon.  In case you are wondering, I plan to make two name "plates" with Velcro so that we can change it out until we know what he ends up being called by everyone.  Then I can sew the fabric with the right name on it.

I have Christmas cards hanging on either side of the entry to the living room from "Hope" and "Joy" tags and twine.

Clothespins hold up the cards.

Then I have more on the cabinets with thick Christmas ribbon tied around the cabinet doors.  

I decorated my tea cabinet (inside and on top) since I can almost guarantee little fingers leaving them alone.

The tree sits in front of our front window.  Our outside lights didn't happen this year since we had an electrical problem with the outside outlets, so at least our blue lit tree was seen from the street.

Our nativity took over our altar.
I didn't take a picture of our Advent wreath this year.  I planned ahead last year and bought several sets of them so it didn't sneak up on me again.

We ended the Christmas season by doing our Epiphany traditional prayers and song and Brian wrote above our door.  This is not the exact prayers and such that we use, but you get the gist if you look here.

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