Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last Minute Trip

We took a last minute trip to Indiana because Brian's grandma has been in and out of the hospital a lot in the last month.  She is 100 years old and Brian really felt like we should go visit her again.  It was a 9.5 hour drive there that ended up being at least an hour longer due to snow and old country roads.  With stops it took nearly 12 hours.  The kids did great and Drew didn't even get carsick which is amazing!  Judah screamed only once for about 45 minutes.  It made Isaac start crying though towards the end of it.  He was the designated baby helper on the way to Indiana.  Brian plotted a Sonic on the way there so we made it to Sonic once both ways.  I got my new favorite drink, a mango-peach slush and a chili cheese dog.  (Yes, my diet started again today!)

We stayed at Brian's sister's house.  They live on a little farm with chickens and goats.  The kids were in heaven especially Genna who is the biggest animal lover.  Isaac was thrilled to have a boy his age to play with.  Carter is just a couple of months younger than him.

Isaac's holding a chicken.

Doesn't Drew look like the little boy on A Christmas Story.  When I sent him out, I told the kids to pick up back up if he fell over.  :)  It was in the teens!  Brrrr!

Genna is praying that they approve the law soon to allow us to raise chickens in the city limits at our house.  It was Brian's idea that I wasn't super thrilled with until I saw how sweet these chickens were.   I'm a big animal lover at heart, just one without any extra time to take care of them.  Brian swears that the kids and him will be in charge of them.

Cousin Lauren holding the baby Pygmy Goat, Lucy.  Lucy sounded just like Judah when she cried.

The kids found a spot in the front that had frozen ice over a low spot in the yard.  They were shoveling the snow to uncover their little ice rink.

That is ice there, but they hadn't uncovered it all yet.

Sledding on the ice

This was another of Genna's favorite things.  She wanted to know if we could make one of these in our yard when it snowed.
 They also had two four-wheelers and tied sleds to the back of them.  The kids all loved it!  Brian even talked me into riding on the four-wheeler with him.  I have never done that and am just not an adventurous girl when it comes to speed or heights.  He promised he'd go slow.  I wouldn't call what he did slow, but he insisted it was.  It was fun, I guess, but not really my thing.  :)

Isaac being pulled on a sled behind the four-wheeler.

Hannah's on the sled here.
Here's a video of Hannah behind the four-wheeler while her Auntie Kris drove.  This was much slower than when he took me, by the way.

I'll get pictures and stuff about our visit with Grandma Bess up in a day or so.

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