Saturday, January 4, 2014

The weather outside is frightful!

Daddy took them out and I stayed in with Judah.  Since it had finally gotten up to 20 degrees, they went out at 4pm.  I figured it would be a short trip out, but they lasted an hour and a half.  Drew was delivered to me at the front door hysterically crying.  He was so cold and had just come to this realization.  I got him in dry warm clothes and made him some hot chocolate (that he turned down, even the marshmallows!) and he was still hysterical.  This is typical of Isaac maybe, but not Drew.  It turned out his forehead was feverish and his hands and face were super cold.  I also discovered hives all over his back.  I got him a heating pad for his hands.  Once his hands warmed up, he hopped up and was acting normal.  I was already getting Benedryl and Ibuprofen ready so I gave it to him anyway, but his hives and fever were gone.  Weird stuff.

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