Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Week Off: Happy New Year!

This week we are taking off as well from school work.  I am doing an early spring cleaning as I mentioned before.  Monday I was supposed to take Judah to the doctor for his 4 month well-check.  I told the children that if they behaved at the doctor I would reward them with a movie at home.  A disagreement on which movie to watch then ensued, so I came up with a little friendly competition to choose who would pick the movie.  Whoever was the most helpful to me the whole morning would be able to pick out the movie.  

Well, I had the most helpful kids in the world that morning.  They were feeding Drew breakfast, unloading the dishwasher, and all kinds of things without being asked.  At this point I told them if there was a tie we would set up different movies in different rooms because I feared there just might be.  We got all ready and in the car when I was going over my checklist to see if I forgot anything out loud.  Hannah reminds me of my cell phone.  I start digging in my diaper bag looking for it before driving off.  I found it, but it had a voice mail on it.  "Oh no!" is what I said the because my doctor frequently is out because she has 6 kids and they get sick.  Sure enough, it was the nurse calling to try to reschedule.  Hannah won the "Most Helpful" competition hands down since she saved us 40 minutes in the car.  Since we were already in the car, we went to pick up my sewing machine which had been repaired.

Later that day, I was carrying Drew down the stairs because he was being loud in front of the baby's room while he was sleeping.  I had on slippers and I lost my footing.  I fell down about 5 or 6 steps bumping on my behind all the way down while try to hold Drew up.  He hit is head once at first, but he was fine.  I, on the other hand, am really bruised up and sore.  My tailbone was bruised and my neck had been  feeling not so great.  On Wednesday after mass, I bent into the van to buckle Drew in and I must have moved the wrong way for my already sore neck and now I have a pinched nerve or something.  That's just what I need while I am cleaning, carrying the baby around, chasing Drew, and taking him potty!  

Speaking of Drew, I can barely get these Bat-mobile slippers off his feet, not to mention his superhero jammies.
New Year's Eve, we went to our neighbor's house for an early party.  Again, I was long asleep before midnight.  In fact, my Judah gave me a nice start to 2014 by sleeping from his 11pm dreamfeed until 6:09pm.  I call that sleeping through the night, but some might not.  Seven hours is about all my nursing babies go until they are on solid foods.  Judah has done this less than a handful of times, usually he wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30am only to nurse and go back to sleep until I wake him at 7am to start our day at a consistent time.

Happy New Year!

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