Thursday, January 23, 2014


 On Saturday, we drove out to see Grandma Bess.  She looked beautiful and so put together like she always does.  She seemed to be doing very well.   The retirement place that she lives in set up a room for us to have lunch in which was so lovely.  Brian's Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bruce were there too.  We got our Italian Beef sandwiches that we get when we go there.  The kids were well behaved and Drew didn't break anything so that was a plus.  Luckily he's got quite the personality, so people seem to forgive him easily for having endless energy and being such a boy.  The hair dresser from down the hall made the kids balloon animals like she did last time.  Last time we visited her was 2 years ago when Drewy was about Judah's age.  Time flies, doesn't it?

The boys!  We thought it was funny that Carter picked out his t.u. sweatshirt while we were visiting, so I dug out Isaac's Aggie sweatshirt.


Great Grandma Bess and 5 of her 26 (I think!) great grandchildren

Brian and I got in the picture.

Great Grandma Bess tried to hold Judah, but he's a mover and a shaker.  We kept sitting him up and he kept straightening those legs like he always does.

She is laughing at how strong and wiggly he is.

Judah with (Great) Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bruce

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