Wednesday, January 20, 2016

6 Months Old! Oh Boy!

Bobby turns six months old today.  My angel is

Growing like a weed...

Bobby's almost outgrown the bassinet, but I'm keeping him in a little longer.  I'm guessing he won't make it until month 7 in this though.
Weight 18.5 pounds, 59 percentile
Height 27 inches, 59 percentile
Head circumference 45.6 cm, 88 percentile

Moving to size 4 diapers, but still in 6-12 months clothes mostly.  He wears some 12-18 month jammies.  He's got the chunky thighs and all, however, his stats at the doctor  say he didn't gain much weight.  He weighs 18.5 lbs, making him my smallest baby at 6 months.  

Learning to sit...

He can sit without support, but only until he reaches for a toy and loses his balance.

Rolling over (tummy to back,) but not from back to tummy...(I swaddle at night until they are rolling well enough to sleep on their tummy.  Therefore, I am looking forward to that milestone.)

Starting to babble "da da da" sounds and will copy me doing it sometimes...

Learning to hang in the jumperoo, but hasn't figured out the bounce part yet...

He doesn't last very long in it either.  After he grows out of it, I am getting rid of it. No kids have liked it enough to be worth keeping.

Sucking his thumb through his swaddle blankets, and putting holes in nearly everyone.

He still hasn't grown much hair or needed a haircut yet.

Still super happy and easy going, but not back to sleeping through the night.  He's had a cough since Christmas and the cat has taken to sneaking in his room before I put Bobby to sleep.  I am blaming the kitty and the cough for all the 3am wakings and hoping he grows out of that soon.

Bobby is a squeezer.  If I am holding him facing me, he grabs my hair, face, and/or neck and pulls and squeezes.  It's quite painful, actually.  He's got a good, strong grip.  Isaac used to squeeze the backs of my arms when I held him on my hip.  Bob's the grabbiest baby I've had in a while.  He's making me want to cut my hair short again.

Bobby is such a chilled out guy that when the doctor was telling me he may needs some gentle pushes in the direction of gross motor, Bobby was just laying on the examination table with his arms relaxed at his sides, staring at the doctor.  I replied, "Well, as you can see, he's quite happy not to move."  Personally, I need one that doesn't crawl too early because my life is going to change dramatically when he learns to crawl since we have 5 flights of stairs in this house.  I think I won't be pushing him much.  He'll move when he's ready.

His sweetness is truly indescribable!  The tree isn't up anymore, FYI.  This picture is from early January.  ;)

Now's the time I usually introduce food, but I am dreading it because it adds a whole 'nother level of complications to us getting out of the house and me getting just about anything else done.  I usually start with breakfast, but I may try starting with dinner.  I sometimes don't do lunch until past 7 months because I forget about it more often than not.  Anyway, that's what's up next on the docket for Bobby.

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