Monday, January 25, 2016

The Castle in the Sky

Brian's buddy was having a celebration dinner in Stuttgart which is just a few hours away.  We made a little trip out of it and stopped to see the Hohenzollern Castle on the way there.  I've heard it called the "Castle in the Sky" and for good reason.  It is waaaay up there for those of us who don't love heights.  It is apparently one of the six best castles in Germany, of which I have seen only half.  

In this particular spot, it was super windy and colder than a frozener.  ;)

He was miserable and freezing cold by the end.  All our toes were froze since I really wasn't thinking about it being that much colder up on the mountain when I packed for our trip.

Pretty Amazing View

The statues were very well done.  the creases in their clothing very lifelike.  
The kids thought it was funny that I loved this perfect crease in his pants, but tell me that doesn't look like a real soldier!

On the way home, we stopped at the Ritter Sport factory/museum.  They make chocolate, and the kids were super excited to go to the chocolate shop and find treasures of rare chocolate flavors to buy with their own money.  Much to everyone's disappointment, it was closed every other Sunday.  Wouldn't you know, we landed on the wrong Sunday.  A lady walked up when we were sitting outside the shop doors and said something in German that I assumed was about it being closed.  Hannah informed me that she said, "What a pity."  However, what was not a pity was the cafe with more than 5 different flavors of hot chocolate.  It was amazing!  The kids and I all got one (except for Bobby and Judah, who's allergic.)  We got two marzipans, one bittersweet, and two others that I can't recall.  Lecker!

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Ann Welch said...

I wanna kiss Drw's cold, red cheeks. Such an adorable photo of a terribly cold, unhappy boy!