Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our Twins and More of our View

Genna and Judah look a lot alike; you may have noticed.  The big eyes are the big giveaway.  Genevieve has worked very hard to be his buddy, and when he is not in the throws of a two year old fit they get along pretty well.  She is wonderful at putting him to bed when I am not home (he doesn't quite tolerate it when I am home.)  She wakes up he earliest, and often he does too.  So this is when she cultivated a relationship with him.  She will read to him, take him to her room, or fix him breakfast.

I mentioned our view is rather breathtaking before.  Here is another viewpoint, our front terrace.  It is right off our living and dining rooms.  In the warmer seasons, Brian and I already have plans to sit out there after the kids go to bed and read to each other.

This is a rare clear day for Germany.

Here's when we had a dusting of snow.  It's been such a mild winter, and for that I am glad.  It's hard enough to move to a foreign country this time of year, but having it be snowing and freezing would have added an extra punch.

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