Friday, January 8, 2016

"Can I have a tortilla face? Drew, make me eyes."

That's what Judah asked Drew the other night when we had Taco Tuesday.

I don't recall how this started, but somewhere along the way my children started making faces out of their torillas.  Most of my kids have not been a fan of tacos.  My solution has been to make them "Angel plates" which I used to have when I was little on summer vacation in Red River, New Mexico at a Mexican restaurant called Sundance.  It is still there and about 3 or 4 summers ago we took the kids back there and they got to experience the "Angel plate" for themselves.  An "Angel plate is all the fixings of a taco (ground beef, shredded cheese, beans, rice, shredded lettuce, and pico) all separate on a plate.  They give you your tortillas on the side as well, which I guess is where this tortilla face tradition originated.  I mean what else do you do with a plain tortilla?  I wouldn't know, because I like 'em filled with goodness.

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