Friday, February 10, 2017

A Difficult Weekend

Saturday night (2 weeks ago) I had already arranged for a friend to come over after the little ones were in bed since Brian was gone.  I was trying to get them all to bed by the time she came over at 7:45pm.  I was doing well.  Bobby was down and I was trying to finish up the Magic Tree house chapters for Drew and Judah, when Isaac runs in crying.  He's so hysterical he can't talk, but he's indicating that it was something wrong with his mouth.  After he calmed down I saw that his palatal expander had come off on one side.  The metal band around his molar had come loose.  It wasn't hurting him, he was just scared.   He had been reading and accidentally bumped his face mask that was attached to his palatal expander by rubber bands.

The girls finished putting the boys to bed while I tried to get it back on and find an emergency dental number.  They had no emergency number, so I called the ER and asked what they thought or if they knew anything about dental emergencies.  They thought he'd be fine to wait until Monday.  I got it on partially, but it wouldn't  go all the way back into place.  His face mask could not be attached again or it would pull it back off.  We already had an appointment on Monday morning at the orthodontist to have it taken out and replaced by a smaller bar to hold it all in place.  He has a referral in to the oral surgeon to see what they can do with his baby molar that is up in his gums hidden behind other baby teeth so they wanted the expander out of the surgeon's way.

However, they messed up when making the impressions Monday morning and when we returned that afternoon for the bar to be put in they decided to re-cement the palatal expander instead since the impressions were messed up.  They also put his first two braces on.  We were there nearly the whole day.  Judah stayed home with the girls since he hadn't felt good and he slept in until 10am which is just what he needed after a long weekend with not so much sleep as he was used to getting.

Of course, that's not the end of that story.  Sunday night I was woken up y Drew who had a bad ear ache.  After Motrin and a warm compress he went back to sleep.  On Monday night I was woken by Judah with an ear ache.  Same process got him back in bed as well.  I made a doctor appointment to check their ears on Wednesday since Hannah had her dental appointment in the same area anyway. Tuesday night Isaac wakes me up saying in his sleep his expander came off again.  I turned on the light to try to push it back in place, but it would spring right back whenever I got it in place because the weld was broken and the ring did not stay closed around his molar anymore.  Are you kidding me?  I had the morning planned to do all our school before heading over to the hospital again.  I had to take Isaac in first thing in the morning to have it taken off and they ended up just putting rings around his teeth to attach the wires from his new braces to.

At the doctor appointment, we found out that Judah had an ear infection and Drew had a borderline one.  The doctor decided to treat Judah's and wait and see for Drew's since he is old enough that his body should be able to clear it.  By the end of the day I had reached a family record of nine doctor/dentist/ortho trips in a mere six days or ten in eight days if you start at Bobby's well check from last week.  Whew!  Now I still have two kids that need regular dental appointments and I have two referrals scheduled.

Since I have no pictures related to this post.  I'll post random pictures full of cuteness that fit with no post.  So here is Bobby after he was feeling all better.  He's addicted to sunglasses since the dental appointment.

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