Monday, February 6, 2017

First Trip to the Dentist for Judah

First off, Drew is getting radiographs (well, blurry ones anyway) and we are sitting outside a couple rooms with the doors open.  Judah walks away from me a little and then walks right back to me.  He says in a toddler whisper, serious as can be, "Mom, I think they killed someone."

I laughed and said, "No, they didn't!  Why do you think that?"

"There's a head in there," he answers with a look in the direction of the first door.

I lean way over to see what he is talking about, and, sure enough, there is a rubber head laying on it's side on the counter.  I think he was nervous about his first dental appointment.  What do you think?

Next, was Drew's turn in the chair.  He told me later that the machine taking the pictures of his teeth was the one moving, not him.  I tried to explain that the machine is supposed to move, but he also must have moved or the pictures wouldn't have been blurry.  He kept trying to re-explain how it was the machine's fault and not his.  Super cute!
Can you see Bobby trying to nab the star glasses?
 Judah watched Drew and the dentist so closely and silently.  Bob played with his cars in the corner.  Then when it was Judah's turn.  He had already decided that he wanted the blue star sunglasses to wear while she cleaned his teeth.   (Drew had picked the plain blue ones.  They are so different.)  When Judah put the star glasses on, Bobby went over and pulled them right off his face.  He is completely obsessed with stars at the moment.  When the dentist walked back in and saw Bob wearing the glasses, she offered the purple star glasses to him so Judah could have the ones he wanted.  Bob cares not about colors, so problem solved.  He wore those glasses the whole time we were there.  When he did take them off he immediately walked up to me saying his trademark, "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom."  You get the picture.  He says my name a lot, mostly to show me things.  I'd put them back on and he was happy again.

I think I might die from the cuteness!
Only other news about the dentist is that Judah's teeth don't meet because I have been putting off taking away his pacifier (AKA "Bubba") at night because he loves it so much and he is actually excited to go to bed because that is the only time he can have it.  We're starting the talks about giving his Bubbas away to another baby and picking out a toy with mommy at the store to replace it.  Hoping to do it soon, but he just came down with an illness so we'll see.

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