Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our House

Our house is full of fun, full of reading, full of playing, and full of boys.  I am so outnumbered here. 

Boys Playing Trains

Three Bibliophiles

Pan out... Daughter folding my laundry!  Thank God for girls!

Brian brought home four balloons that normally bring much joy to the house.  However, since there were only four and we have six children that desperately desire to hit around a balloon it just brought endless fights.  Two were popped by Judah, who was not a very popular guy for that.  I took a knife to one in a fit of overzealous passion because there had been one too many arguments that day over it.  And there is one remaining.  Somehow it hasn't needed to be popped yet, but I figure it is only a matter of time.  This back story leads me to the time Drew was hiding the balloon from his little brother, Judah.  He hid it behind the couch and then told Judah that he probably didn't want to go behind the couch because there was a "dead body behind the couch."  It actually worked like a charm too which is more concerning since this only reinforces Drew's trickery.  It makes for yet another funny story though.

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