Monday, February 13, 2017

Super Bowl and Brian's Birthday

Sunday of the Super Bowl is one of those days we always have a party.  When we were stateside we used to do a game and give away prizes depending on the score at the end of each quarter.  Overseas though the game doesn't start until the party is long over, at 12:30am.  So no game this year, but we still had a good time with friends and football food: chilli, beans, dips, and wings.  There was some  pregame action going on toward the end of the party for the men folk.

Bobby was fascinated by the youngest of the bunch.

He always amazes me at how gentle he is with babies and animals. 

Some of the men folk getting ready for some pregame action.

Brian was given the day off on Monday, which just happened to be his birthday.  He got to sleep in and watch the Super Bowl since he didn't quite make it to kick off the night before.  We did some school work that was periodically interrupted by the Super Bowl.  The kids gave him his hand made gifts.  Drew was especially excited about the card that we made him together.  I drew the pieces to make a saw.  He cut them out and glued them into place.  I wrote, "You are the best Dad I ever saw!" on it.  Brian loved it!  Drew's been making stuff right and left.  A full post is dedicated to his creations and drawings and is coming up soon.

I made one of Brian's old favorites for dinner, German Gulasch.  I got the recipe from the lady who sold us our dining room table.  She owns an antique shop and her husband was cooking this Gulasch in the back of the store making the whole place smell amazing.  We asked what was cooking and she gave me the recipe verbally.  I made it as soon as I could and have made it countless times since because all the children like it.

(Disclaimer:  When I say "all the children" there is usually at least one that doesn't like it.  Even with pizza I have one and sometimes two children who don't like it.  Although chicken nuggets are actually liked by all, I can't think of one other thing.  Also, somethings that are truly liked by all one meal are not liked by all the next.  It is something that I have to accept, with six kids, that "all" has to mean at least four.)  Whew, long disclaimer!

Here is the recipe:

Gulasch meat (She recommended all beef, but pork is acceptable and it is cheaper here, so I often do a mixture.  Here it is sold marked as "Gulasch"  meat but I imagine stew meat in the states would be good as well.)
onion, diced
garlic, diced
other veggies that you prefer (I always use mushrooms and sometimes other veggies that I have on hand like parsnips.)
salt and pepper
a bottle of wine (I have used both Bordeax and Burgundy because Brian and I both remembered this part of the recipe differently.  As I said, it was not written down.  Both turn out great.)

You saute the onions, other veggies, and meat until meat is mostly brown on outside.  Add garlic, saute another couple minutes.  Add the bottle of wine and bring to boil.  I make it around 1 or 2pm and let it simmer on lowest setting covered until dinner.  Then I salt it and serve with egg noodles and bread.

Happy birthday to you, wonderful husband!  I love you!  I'd be in the loony bin without you to keep me sane...ish.

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