Sunday, February 12, 2017

My Birthday

My birthday was on the Friday before the Super Bowl.  Since we'd had such a crazy week we all just stayed in our pj's all day long.  I kept the boys home one more day from kindergarten, and decided to send them Monday assuming all was well.  Bobby's gift to me was suddenly waking up at 5:45am (lately he's been sleeping until 7am.)  The kids all showered me with drawings and pictures first thing when they woke up.  Then we got to work on our school work.  We most certainly can not afford to take off any extra days.  I was able to do Drew's reading lessons in the morning this week which was nice for my afternoons.  He is on lesson 39 in his 100 Easy Lessons book and doing pretty well.

Again due to the boys' coughs still sounding so bad we decided to go to dinner without them.  We have German food all the time, so I opted for a Thai place near us that I have only been to once on a ladies' night out.  I had a craving for Green Curry.

It was a good day.  I felt like I had some special quiet moments with each child which is so rare on our regular busy days.  That's the best gift I could receive.

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