Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hair Changes Again

Bob had developed a bit of a comb over look.  I trimmed the top a week or so before, the weekend Brian was gone, but then he started getting too wiggly and I decided to wait until Brian was home to help keep him still.  Turns out that was the right call since all Brian had to do was read him a book on the bathroom floor while I snipped off some of his curls.  I left some small curls, but it was just getting too long in the back for how much hair was on top.  Now the mullet is gone.

Finished product!

On other hair news, I was getting tired of my fading blue hair so I made the appointment to chop it all off a month in advance.  The day before my appointment I made a last hoorah crown braid, my favorite hair style ever.   I wanted to go super short, but longer in the front.  Brian said I could do whatever I wanted, but he seemed like he'd prefer me to not go quite as short as I was planning.  I figured that I can always go shorter next time if I want and went with a bob that was slightly longer.  I also wanted highlights and since I wasn't going super short there was still going to be the tiniest bit of color on the tips in the front.I was wanting honey/gold highlights, but had to go with a cooler blonde which was whiter than I prefer in the end.

"Before" picture, that morning at the salon 
I have a lot of hair and the full foil highlights took forever.  I dropped the boys off at German school at 9 am headed straight to the salon.  I was walking out the door just in time to pick them up at 2pm.  She was literally snipping at my hair as I walked out the door.  She told me since she was rushed on the cut to let her know if I want to go shorter after sitting with it a few days.  I should have gotten a picture of it right away, but I was in a major hurry to pick up the boys on time.  Things got busy and all I got was this lousy selfie when I had already changed clothes.

"After" picture that night after I'd already gotten in my comfies.  You can't even see the turquoise on the tips in this picture.  
I'm going to need a few days with the color to see if it grows on me.  It was a whiter blonde than I prefer.  I like the cut, but I think it makes me look older which isn't exactly what someone approaching 40 wants.  The blue hair definitely made me feel young.

**Update  A few days after I wrote this I figured out what was bothering me about the back of it when styling it myself.  It was just too long for me.  I messaged my amazing hair dresser and she said she could trim that back shorter if I could wait until after my trip to Venice.  So, I went back and she did a whole new cut with a shampoo and blow dry and didn't charge me a thing.  She even turned down the tip I offered her.  I am much happier with how it feels now that she took it up to my hair line in the back.  That's how I used to keep it when I had short hair because I don't like constant hair on my neck.  I need to be able to escape it with an up-do if it's long enough to touch my neck.

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