Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bucket List

We have tried to retroactively start a running total of how many cities and countries we've been to since we've lived here this time around.  The country count was easy to add up.  We've been to 9 foreign countries and we also went to the USA in June so that makes visiting 10 countries in the first year that we lived here.  Here's the list:
Czech Republic

Brian's been to Poland and Norway also.  Last time we lived here we went to Scotland in addition to all these places listed above.  There are only 5 more that are on our wish list.  From our bucket list only these remain Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, and maybe Croatia.  Brian wants to go to Ireland, but that'd be a complicated trip and I'm not sure if it'll make the cut.

Our city count is more difficult because it's hard to remember the name of all the cities and to remember little stops to see just one thing while on another trip.  Here's what I've got so far:

Rome, IT
Strausburg, FR
Metz, FR
Saarbrucken, DE
Bernkastel-Kues, DE*
St Wendel, DE
Salzburg, AU *
St. Gilgen, AU
Burg Hohenzollern, DE
Stuttgart, DE
Eban Emael, BE
Aachen, DE
Orvieto, IT
Assisi, IT
Bettona/Pomonte, IT
Florence, IT
Nevers, FR
Tours, FR
Lourdes, FR
Naples, IT
Pompeii, IT
Herculineum, IT
Krumlov, CH
Regensburg, DE
Potzberg, DE
Pirmasens, DE
Bingen, DE
Bacharach, DE
Oppenheim, DE
Remagen, DE
Oudenaarde, BE
Hombourg, BE
Tongerin, BE
Luxembourg City, LU
London, UK
Oxford, UK
Leavesdon, UK
Norwich, UK
Mainz, DE*
Esslingen, DE
Ghent, BE*
Brugges, BE*
Baneaux, BE
Beauraing, BE
Brussels, BE
Oudenaard, BE
Knokke-Heist, BE
Ypers, BE
Zell Am See, AU
Gries, AU
Cologne, DE
Souflenheim, FR

That list totals at 52 cities in 14 months, again not counting the cities we were in in the USA which were Washington D.C., Germantown, MD, Great Falls, VA, and Dover, DE, and Fredericksburg, VA.  This list is also not including the cities that Brian and I went to either separately or together.  Brian's list is too crazy to catch up on, but here's my manageable list.

Kelle's list:
Ischia, IT
Landau, DE
Birnau, DE
Triburg, DE
Freiburg, DE
Baiersbronn, DE

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