Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hannah's Drawings

Hannah draws Manga comics a lot.  I don't really let her read Manga comic books, with the exception of the Shakespeare ones because, well, it's Shakespeare.  I do let her draw them and have the how to draw books.  They have some immodestly dressed girls on there, but I knew I'd made the right decision when she got the book and the first thing she did was go through and put sticky notes to cover up all the "bad" pictures.  I didn't tell her to do that, but I was very proud that she was being prudent and modest.

A work in progress...She is trying to draw an angel for Bobby's room.

She also likes to design clothes which is strange because she'd never in a gazillion years wear the stuff she designs.  She all about the comfy soft clothes.  She hates leggings and jeans so that leaves sweat pants that she is in most of the time.

This is from one of her design books.

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