Saturday, February 11, 2017

Drew's Creations

Drew's the new artist in the family.  He has recently taken to coloring and that blossomed into drawing.  Everyday he has creations that he wants me to keep forever.  He makes something for one of the family members of our family everyday when I pick him up from kindergarten.  When he came home with a picture that looked like a really good picture of a bug, but he said it was a dog, I decided it was time to start some drawing lessons.  

The "dog"
I sat down with him and picked two pictures of dogs to teach him step by step to draw.  I drew one part on my paper then he drew it on his paper.  My favorite part of the whole thing was how he didn't get frustrated and give up.  He does that with riding a bike, but he didn't for this.  Hannah and Isaac both would get frustrated at this age.

His first real dog!  I was super impressed.

Unfortunately, he insisted on coloring them in.  His coloring is slightly impatient.  Then he traced just the outside of the other do which looks interesting, but it was better before.

I checked out a basic how to draw book for him at the library.  Hannah helped him get started and then he took off on his own with it.  I'm so excited!  I want more artists in the family!

Hannah walked him through this piranha.  He added the jellyfish and the bird from his imagination.

Hannah walked him through this step by step as well.

This toucan was from the book directions, but it was on his own.

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