Monday, April 24, 2017

Arboretum in Dallas

My mom's good friend had a membership to the Arboretum, and she wanted to take us all to the kids' section.  The kids had so much fun there!  


The pictures are majorly out of order.  There was a tot park, a maze, a climbing tree, a water and wind section, and a science experiment.  The science experiment was at a scheduled time and it was really great for all ages.  The guy running it was super good with keeping the kids' attention and with explaining things on their level.  The kids were split up by age so all but the girls were partnered up with another kid they did not know.  There were actually about three small experiments all together.  They subject was soil.  They identified three types of soil and then did experiments to learn about the properties of those types of soil.

Drew loves science experiments!  He didn't even complain that he was partners with a girl we don't know.

I had to help Judah, but he was a very good listener and enjoyed it.

There was a water section when you could shoot these water guns at different things to make them spin or turn or even to turn on a fountain.  Hannah told me she thought they were rigged so that  you never could actually reach the water spray over the "lake" to the people on the other side, what she thought was the whole point.  I thought that was very funny that she actually thought the water guns were there to shoot strangers on the other side.  They were actually supposed to shoot at various target to make things spin or power a fountain.  She was so disappointed that she couldn't shoot the water at someone.

Here they are trying their best to shoot people on the other side.

He really has some funny expressions.  This is supposed to be his sweet smile for the camera.

This was the tot park with a stream to play in.  Bobby got a wet, wet bottom.

Judah's trying to hatch an egg.

Wind tunnel

Help from big sis!

A terrific group photo...finally!

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