Thursday, April 27, 2017

"I didn't see that coming."

That's Judah's newest phrase that he's been saying lately.  He even uses it at appropriate times when he is surprised by something.  It sounds kind of adorable coming out of the mouth of a three year old all nonchalantly.

Judah and Bobby have been playing together more lately.  Bobby seems to have turned somewhat of a corner on his over attachment to me.  It started at the very end of the trip when he warmed up to my dad finally and really got attached to my mom, who he calls "Nini" instead of "Mimi" even though I know perfectly well that he can say an "m" sound.  I mean he says my name a thousand times a day.  He's one of those kids that just says my name over and over for no reason most of the time.

I digress.  I think this corner he turned has opened him up to more play with his siblings, and not just the girls who he sees as substitute moms sometimes.  He and Judah get a long so well and this is perfect because Drew and Judah still are not the best of buds despite Judah's incredible willingness to do whatever Drew wants and his super sweet nature.  Here's some pictures from right before the trip of the two of them.  I had forgotten all about these pictures, in fact.

They both love books!

They both love to be silly and laugh!

They are both super huggie and cuddly boys!

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