Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Best Beef Fajitas Ever!

We all had bucket lists of places we wanted to go or things we wanted to eat.  Chick Fil A and Buffalo Wild Wings were on the kids' lists.  My one place that could not be missed, top of my list, was Lupe Tortillas.  They have the best beef fajitas ever.  I have no idea about the rest of their food because why would anyone order anything but the beef fajitas there?  We planned to go one Sunday afternoon, kind of between lunch and dinner to try and miss the crowds, and it was still an hour wait!  By the time we left, it was crazy crowded.  During our one hour wait, we let the kids play outside and took pictures.  They thought it was too cold to open their patio seating, but really it wasn't.  Warning: picture overload!

It's one of his many superhero poses.

Sweetest brothers ever!  They are really getting closer these days.

Superhero poses are his favorite!

My mom straightened Genevieve's hair.  It makes her look too grown up for me and her dad.

These caped crusaders were good buddies during our trip.  Judah is just the personality type for Dylan, he was his shadow and Dylan doesn't mind that a bit.  Drew totally minds it.

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