Monday, April 17, 2017

Moving on over to San Antonio and Celebrating Papa Boat

We drove over four hours to San Antonio in two cars.  My dad was quite the trooper, traveling with Isaac, Drew, and Judah.  I offered to go with him to help, but he said the dog needed to be in the front seat with him.  So, he traveled the roads alone.  From what I heard the boys were pretty good for him.  I sent them with my Kindle to listen to Audible books.  My mom and I had the girls and Bobby who is the hardest on long trips just because he is the baby, but he's usually pretty good.  There were some pretty happy aunts and uncles and cousins when we arrived!

Aunt Kristen got the bubbles flowing and the boys had a great time.  

Can you feel the fun?

This is over at Uncle Kent's house, swinging in Turner's swing on the porch.

The next day we all met for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday.  We went to El Machito's and ate our first mexican food dinner of the trip, not to be our last.  My brother and sister and their families were all their.  It was so great to all be together.

Playground outside the restaurant, all the cousins except for Turner who had not yet arrived.  Notice Bobby is ruining all the group photos.  He was extremely attached to Mama at the beginning of this trip.

Again Bobby is screaming in the group pics.  This was a tough picture to take.  Too many wiggle worms, and way too many boys!

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