Friday, April 28, 2017

A Cute Moment or Two

I asked Bobby if he wanted to play Play-Doh in the high chair since it was too cold to play on the front balcony which is where he normally plays it.  He replied, ""  It was way too grown up for him to say it like that.  So, deliberate and such a punctuated "no."

Genevieve dressed him up in big fleece pj  top.  It's all tied up.

The weather is getting nicer some days.  Spring is trying to come here to Germany.  One of my favorite parts of the house's functionality has been our balcony off our living room.  It is such a good location for the boys to play Play-Doh while I am cooking.  We leave the big sliding door open whenever the weather is warm enough.  Since there are no screens, we pull the sheer curtains across to help keep the flies and bees out of the house.  It is not a perfect system, but it works pretty well.

View through the curtains

Play-Doh buddies
Judah runs in every few minutes to show me his creation, saying, "Kuck mal."  That means "Look at this" in German.  Then Bobby follows with some squished up piece of dough jibber jabbering to me to look at his too.  It is a sweet moment in my motherhood that I don't want to forget.

I captured this moment perfectly.  That so rarely happens since the moments pass so fast that I can't catch them with a camera.  Now I'll never forget.

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