Monday, May 1, 2017

Sewing with My Girls

A sweet lady who works with Brian is a big quilter and she sent pre-cut fabric and the instructions for the girls to make themselves a pillowcase.  I had put it off because I have not been sewing lately.  With traveling, homeschooling, and the rest of my regular life, I just don't have the time for machine sewing right now.  I've been hand sewing and crocheting lately instead because I can do it on our long drives when traveling.  However, my two daughters have been wanting to get back into sewing.  They learned to use the machine back in the states, but didn't show much interest in doing more until recently.  They want to sew clothes, but I thought this might be an easier first step.  Especially since all the fabric was cut and ready.

They both enjoyed it, but didn't love all the pinning.  Genna's got a heavy foot on the machine and Hannah is slow and careful in her sewing.  Wouldn't have guessed it would go another way, knowing their personalities.  The pillowcases had a border and french seams.  They turned out perfectly!

I am making a list of summer goals this year as I usually do to keep us from being lazy and the kids from having too much time to bicker.  One thing on the list is to teach them to make a few simple clothes items for themselves.

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