Saturday, May 20, 2017

More visitors!

A couple days and a bunch of loads of laundry later, my mother-in-law, AKA Nanna arrived bringing Uncle James and his girlfriend with her.  Nanna had a nap and then immediately began doing puzzles with the children.  It is something they have come to expect.  The little ones associate it with her.  I can see inside Judah's little mind:  Nanna's here.  Must get puzzles.

Brian had to work most of the week, but he took off Friday and went on a mini road trip with his brother and his brother's girlfriend, Julia.  Nanna stayed with me to get in more time with her grandchildren.  On Friday at lunch while the boys were at kindergarten we went and had a nice lunch at one of my favorite restaurants around here.  Brian and I have been here several times and never been seated in the wine cellar before.  We always comment on how cool it would be to sit down there.  We wondered if you had to ask or what.  Well, we were seated down in the cellar which turned out to be just as cool as we thought.  I immediately took pictures of us and messaged them to Brian to a jocular way, of course.

This display was right behind Isaac's seat.
There was a set menu with about four or five choices for the main course.  Each meal came with Lentil soup and a small dessert.  We all chose either schnitzel or sausages.  It was delicious as always.  I really loved the potatoes and the soup the best in spite of it all being wonderful.

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