Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Baseball on the Home-front, Race Cars and Castles Abroad

Nanna and I were off to baseball and t-ball games Saturday morning.  We brought blankets and camping chairs because it was a cold morning until the sun came out, and even then, a blanket was nice to have.  

Drew is #6 with the black jersey.
Drew's game was, well, what you can imagine a bunch of newbie 5/6 year olds would be on a baseball field.  All I could see was the long road ahead of him to really master this game.  It was humorous to watch though.

Isaac's game was a big improvement, but there were still many kids that couldn't hit a coach pitched ball, and they would bring out the tee.  They at least get people out and such, but still a very soft game.  I guess that's what we are going to get over here since there are no Germans playing the great American pastime.
During Isaac's game

While we were playing Baseball Mom and Nanna, Brian, Uncle James, and Julia were having the time of their lives.  The day before they were near the Czech border visiting a castle that is still owned by a relative in Julia's family.  They knocked on the door and got a private tour.  Then they drove all the way across Germany to go into Belgium to stay overnight at a place Brian loves.  The next day they drove to Stuttgart to fulfill my brother-in-law's dreams of seeing the longest race track in the world.  Here's some pictures of their trip.

James and Julia

At the racetrack 

He said it was one of the best days of his life.  That's the least we can do for someone who holds such a special place in our hearts!

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