Friday, May 26, 2017

Under the Knife

Isaac has been undergoing orthodontic care for about a year now.  I've mentioned before his palatal expander, his head gear, and his braces.  Well, he has broken a few of the devices.  He clenches his jaw at night and on several occasions, things have broken or come apart while he was sleeping.  Eventually his expander broke for good.  They had to take it out and make new molds for a temporary one.  However, they messed up the molds somehow and the temp didn't fit right.  So they ordered a new one.  (They take a long time to get over here.)

While that was off, the doctor wanted to go ahead and have his oral surgery to remove the baby tooth that disappeared back into his gums.  It really was out and then it was slowly disappearing and during our move here, it completely was covered by the other baby teeth.  The oral surgeon was able to take it out and the tooth in front of it since it was wiggly already.  This was the surgery he went under the knife for.  He was nervous, but he did really well.  I was very proud of him considering how scared he'd been about it at first.

I was concerned it was going to be a major recovery with a long term liquid diet, but he bounced back quickly.  It was a very fast surgery, and he was able to go home within four or so hours of walking into the hospital.  I spoiled him with ice cream and movies that first day.  I'm glad that's completed and we now are waiting on our appointment to get his expander back on and one to get his teeth cleaned.  Hopefully, they can give him a night guard to help with the teeth grinding.

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