Saturday, May 13, 2017

Turning Beds Over Fast

My uncle and his wife left on a Thursday morning and as soon as I got back from the airport and ate lunch, I had to turn around and go to a different (super close) airport to pick up our next guests.  They were only stopping by on their way through to Rome, so it was a short visit.

The B family has four children and so we filled our house with the beautiful sound of happy children as they ran off to play.  That night the kids all ate "kid food" and then the littlest ones went off to bed.  The older kids stayed up to watch movies while the adults went out to dinner.

The next day, Brian had to work and I took the kids to the Kusel castle that I had taken my uncle to.  It is a great place for kids.  They LOVE to climb on all the walls and rocks.  On top of that, there is a restaurant and a playground and so it can't be beat.

Can you spot all ten?  A couple blend into the rocks.

On more than one occasion my heart skipped a beat as my precious babies climbed up to the windows of some of the ruins.  I was not alone.  I guess mothers are just worriers when it comes to their kids safety.

A lot of trust is happening on the ground behind this camera.  Those windows have no panes and there's quite a drop on the other side.

His superhero poses always look a little like Popeye because he squints one eye when he does them.


Bobby, one day you are going to think this picture of you is amazing.  You played in a sandbox in a castle!
You won't remember it, but you had a pretty sweet babyhood deal in Europe going.

I also love that my boy who will freak out if his hands or tray get dirty during a meal will lay on his belly in the sand.

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