Thursday, May 18, 2017

Easter: Ready or not, here I come!

Oops!  It looks like a left this post out of its order.  I was trying to at least keep things in order with all these late posts, but I missed this one.  This was from the middle of when my uncle was here visiting.  We took Sunday off from all the sight-seeing to have a relaxing day with family and friends.

My Easter gifts all kind of didn't work out so I had to run out one night during Holy Week and throw some baskets together last minute.  I had these grand plans about making each child a canvas with a decorative quote from a book they love or reminds me of them.  I had the best of intentions and bought the canvases from Amazon before Lent.  However, what I didn't think about was how much of the time of Lent I was going to be out of the country.  I was here only 2 weeks of Lent and one of those we had visitors.  So, I'll shoot for Christmas for those to be completed.  

Easter Baskets on Sunday Morning just before rushing out the door to Mass

When we first arrived at Mass, Bob had pooped out of his diaper and on his pants.  Luckily, I had a spare pair of sweat pants in my bag.  I had been lazy about keep extra clothes since we don't need them often, but I've been trying to redouble my efforts.  A few months back, Bobby threw up in the carseat and had to wear Drew's undershirt (that I actually took off his body for this purpose) and a pair of the Baby Leggings (I always keep those in the van during the winter) because I had nothing else in my bag or van.

After Mass were Easter egg hunts and a brunch.  The Easter egg hunts were all separated into age groups.  They were rattling off where each age should go to during the announcements after mass, but I couldn't keep up.  All except Bob and Judah were in different age groups.  I leaned over to the big kids and told them I hopes they were listening.  I only caught where the youngest three were supposed to go.  Brian went with Drew, I went with Bob and Judah, and the big three were on their own.  As a result, I only have pictures of the youngest three during the hunt.

Drew's age group

Judah and Bobby hunting.  Bob was a rock star with his egg hunting.  He was out there and had grabbed three eggs before Judah even was on the move.

But he quickly slowed down and started watching other kiddies find eggs.  One boy's dad was telling him to go get some particular egg.  Bobby beat him to it, but I made him give it to the little boy.

He made up for his slow start.

Bobby and his friend were having a silent conversation.

In the buffet line with friends

I think this was our best attempt at a family picture outside our friend's house before lunch.
The only other thing we did that day was go over to our friend's house for a late lunch and another Easter egg hunt.  The moms had stuffed the eggs, and the dads were in charge of the hiding.  I brought a new dish that I was a little nervous about, but it turned out super least the adults liked it.  I had pantry limitations, as well as allergies, to consider.  So I made Cracked Out Cheesy Grits that I found on Pinterest.

Brian with his godson on Easter
He is risen!

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