Friday, May 12, 2017

Rhine River Tour

The kids were playing while we were waiting for the boat.  Drew and Isaac ran off and Judah started to follow, but he stopped, turned, and said to me, "Mom, can you watch Bob a minute?"  It was the sweetest thing ever.  I had not even asked him (or anyone) to watch Bobby.  I was standing right there watching them all, and yet he thought to make sure his brother was being taken care of before he ran off to follow the big boys (who, by the way, never once thought about making sure their baby brothers were okay before running off.)  Melting my heart is what my Judah is good at.

This was the last day before my uncle and his wife left for the states.  They really wanted to do a Rhine River Cruise.  Brian had to work that day, so the four boys and I played tour guide and took them over to the river.  It was a chilly and windy day, unfortunately.  We had only one time constraint and that was to get home so the two oldest boys could make 6pm baseball practice.  I thought that would be no problem, but it turned out to be quite tight.  We had to end up doing the river cruise one way and the train back because the boat on the way back would have made us late for practice.  

The boat left out of Bingen/Rudesheim and we got off at St. Goar.  A friend had recommended a wine shop to stop in.  They know the man that runs it and said he was super wonderful and gives tastings.  It was the first place we saw off the boat and so we popped our heads in.  He was all that they had said and more.  He gave us samples of his peach brandy, an ice wine, and a chocolate brandy.  He brought out toys for the kids to play with while we shopped.  Plus, he even prayed with us before we left, giving us all holy cards and travel prayer boxes when he found out that we were Catholic.

After lunch we caught the train back and drove home to get ready for baseball.  A great last day, even if it was cold.

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