Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Culinary Hike with Family and Friends

Sunday morning we all went to Mass.  Then we quickly hopped on the train to go to the culinary hike that we went on last year.  Last year it was horrible weather, but this year it was amazingly perfect.  It is a beautiful hike with breathtaking views, but it was also a challenging one. The very first part of the walk was a steep incline that gave Nanna a run for her money.  About station number three there was a short cut back to the main square, and so she ended up taking that option when she looked up and saw the groups walking across the valley on the other side of the town.  

The station with the smoked salmon is the most popular, and also the one my children most look forward to.  The line once we got there was really long, a wait of almost two hours altogether.  We saw many friends at this station since it was like a dam, collecting people in it's line.  I sat and watched the kids play while the others waited in the line.  Can I just say that I don't even like salmon, so that long of a wait was hardly worth it to me?   

After that we were actually running short on time in order to catch the 7 o'clock train.  We ended up backtracking to station three and taking that short cut (which isn't so short when you have to backtrack to it.)  We picked up a couple pizzas and ice cream for the children on the way to the square to find Nanna.  Then we had just a little time to spare and stopped at the Denk Mal, a hundred year old bar that literally leans, for a quick drink.  We crammed onto the over-stuffed train, and 15 minutes later we were back in our village.

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