Sunday, May 14, 2017

Drama Club Play

Our visitors were still here when it came time for Genevieve and Isaac's Drama Club production of a funny, mixed up fairy tale story.  The two oldest children in the B family came with us to watch the play.  It was a very short play and was followed by a home-school talent show.  

Isaac was one of the four little pigs and Genevieve was Snow White's understudy and a Jedi.  Snow White did make it to the play so she was only needed as the Jedi.  

As we are walking out the door to go to the play, Isaac tells me that he was supposed to wear pink.  This is the first I have heard of that, and I have asked many times if there is anything else they are supposed to do or have to prepare for this day.  Turns out he didn't tell me because he didn't want to wear pink.  Whah, whah.  Luckily, I thought immediately of the reversible cape that I made Genna years ago that was solid pink on one side.  He claimed he would not wear it, but I said he has to bring it and we would see.  

All I know is that he took it backstage and he wore it in the play.  Then a week later he told me that drama was not his thing.  When I pressed for a reason, he said that he didn't want to have to play a pig again or wear pink and he couldn't be sure that wouldn't happen again.  Okay, well that's that then.

Isaac and his pig co-stars are in the Little Pig's house while Snow White talks to them.

Isaac is the pig in the pink cape.  

Genevieve is the Jedi.

The cast didn't quite line up in the middle, and, as a consequence, Isaac and several other members of the cast were behind the curtain for their bow.

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