Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More About Bob: About 22 Months Old

Bobby is fast approaching two years old.  :(  Where does the time go?  He is a very meticulous little guy.  He loves to stack, line up, and organize things.  He frequently asks for toys in his highchair after his meal so that he can play there.  He loves dirt, but hates to be dirty with food on him or his tray.

I took just him one day to the girls' basketball practice when we had visitors to stay with the other boys at home.  I sat on the floor of the sidelines because they had pushed the bleachers in.  He sat right next to me, playing with his cars, the whole time.  Every once in a while he would lay down like this and play with the cars or just watch the kids play basketball.  Tough guy to keep up with, huh?  If anyone remembers Drew at this age (I was very pregnant already, by the way,) it was a very different story...polar opposite even.  Thank you, God, for this calm boy!

Bobby loves blocks now and will help his brothers build things.  He's really pretty careful about not breaking their Lego creations, and if he does break a piece off, he immediately brings it to someone to fix.  Another difference between him and Drew at this age.  Even Judah destroyed Legos at this age.  The wooden blocks are somewhat a different situation.  They knock their own creations down sometimes, and Bob has caught on quickly to that.

Bob's eating has actually improved.  I read/skimmed a book called The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution.  I was doubtful, but wanted to see if there was anything in there that I hadn't already tried or hadn't thought of.  There were not new ideas really in this book.  It is mostly the same old stuff you always hear.  Don't force a kid to eat.  Don't force them to clean their plate.  Don't make food emotional.  The one idea that I really liked was organizing your pantry where healthy foods are at kid level and all snacks and candy put away inside cabinets.  Bobby has just recently been introduced to candy and he quickly learned that it was on the top shelf in the pantry and every time he went into the pantry he would start saying, "Candy."  I reorganized my kitchen and pantry to have all our chips and candy in the corner cabinet of the kitchen that is hard to access anyway.  I put most of the snacks (like goldfish and cracker types) in closed tupperware on the top shelf in the pantry.  This has been a good change.

Another thing the book suggested was something I have done in the past with other kids when they were going through a picky phase...hiding vegetables inside things that look tasty.  I always try to sneak in carrots into my spaghetti sauce,  vegetables into my taco meat, and those kinds of things.  The end of the book had more recipes that I hadn't tried before.  So I tried a Garden Dip that was delicious to the adults only.  It had foods like avocados, spinach, and sour cream.  Flop.  I tried Banana and Black Bean Treasure Triangles which were in a flaky pastry.  They were also amazing, but...flop.  Bob wouldn't even taste these things.  Judah didn't want to taste them, but I talked him into trying them.  Without detailing all my failures, it went something like this:  Flop, flop, flop.  However, on the up side, Bobby has recently decided that green beans are a favorite, and he will actually eat the carrots now instead of sucking off all the hummus.  In addition to that big achievement, he is eating so nicely with a spoon and fork now.  He's always slow on the motor development, but he gets there eventually.  Next goal is conquering the stairs.

Drew and Bob are looking more alike these days.  I accidentally dressed the two of them in similar striped shirts.  

Fits when getting buckled into the van have started.  He has always loved to go places, but suddenly he wants to go, but doesn't want to be in the car seat.  I have to pin him down to buckle him and he is strong.  Just a phase, I am sure.

Bobby was all into books and then he just wasn't.  That used to be nearly the only thing we had out for him in the living room was a box of books to look through.  Lately I haven't had but a few out because he seemed all about the cars, trains, and motorcycle toys.  However, he is getting back that loving feeling for books.  Yay!

And just because he is cute to listen to...

I have another video that I'll get up soon of him singing.  His favorite songs right now are Fireflies and Moon, by Laurie Berkner.

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