Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One Last Visit Before We Leave

The day before we were flying back home, we had been in the clear of stomach bugs for a few days and it seemed like it was all over.  So my cousin, his wife, and his two children were able to meet us at a park for the morning.  His wife is an amazing photographer and got some really good group shots.  I need her for our family photos!

All had fun until Genevieve fell off of the top of the monkey bars and hit her head on the metal pole on the way down.  We are pretty sure she had a mild concussion, but I did not end up taking her to the ER because she didn't have any major troubling symptoms other than a couple dizzy spells and headaches (lasted about a week).  I did make her sit out of all sports, rough housing, and trampoline jumping for almost two weeks just to be safe.

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