Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meeting Turner and More San Antonio Fun

Isaac got some new sunglasses in Texas.  Looking good, huh?

We played a LOT of cards, mainly Canasta and Five Crowns.
The big event of the trip was to meet my newest nephew, Turner.  He was approaching his one year birthday and I had not been able to meet him since he was born soon after we first moved to Germany.  He's a super sweet baby and I was able to hold him and love on him some, although a certain Smith baby did cause quite a fuss whenever he caught me doing this.  How can baby #6 be so jealous?  I have never understood that, but all my babies have done that when I hold someone else's baby.  Unfortunately, I don't think that I ever got a picture of me holding him.  I didn't think about it at the time.

Here he is in his ball pit.  Bobby was coming in to join him.

Judah had to get some more love too.

Dylan is a big cowboy and LOVES all things rodeo.  He pretends to ride the bucking broncs all the time and he was teaching his cousins here.
Bobby didn't want it to buck, but he really enjoyed sitting on it with Mimi's help.

I came around the corner one day to find Bobby sitting on the bottom step and then he closed the gate on himself.

It was pretty cute.

Judah was being my brave boy and holding a lizard that his uncle had caught in the backyard.  He was the only one and he let me go get my camera and everything.  

My phone is really bad about motion.  Turner is a mover and nearly all the pictures I got of him were blurry.  Here Bobby had been giving him kisses, and I was trying to catch it in action, but I kept missing it.  Bob says he's had enough, can you tell?

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