Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Memorable Father's Day Culinary Hike

Sunday morning we got going a little early to get to Mass early so Isaac could serve for the first time as an altar server.  He was nervous, but the other boys he was serving with made him feel really at ease; I could tell.  He did an amazing job!  I was concerned because during the practices he was swinging the rope around and fidgeting instead of standing still with templed hands.  Apparently, he's been holding out on us because he could totally do it!  We are very proud of him.
First Day of Altar Serving- at age 8, on June 18th, 2017 at the chapel where he was baptized so long ago.

 Then we left Mass, got changed at home, and drove a short ten minute drive over to the culinary hike to meet our friends.  Boy, was it a hike!  Straight uphill!  It was steeper than the first one we went on.  There were tons of stations with food and drink.  The first station was wild boar and deer sausages and salami sticks.  The second station was cheeses and ham.  The third station had coffee and cakes with a slide for the kids.  The fourth station had a bouncy house where I had to stay and watch Bobby and the rest of the kids, so I don't know what food and drinks they had there.  The tenth station had liquors and Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus (potato pancakes with applesauce).

You might be asking what happen to stations five through nine.  Well, we had to skip them because Isaac got really hurt on the bouncy house.  Luckily, there was a short cut to the last station right from there.  He climbed up on the bouncy ledge that all the bigger kids were climbing up to and sitting on.  Hannah was trying to get back up when she grabbed his hand to help pull her up.  This pulled him off suddenly and he caught himself with his left hand, but it hyper-extended and immediately his hand was just dangling there and he said that he couldn't move his hand.  Brian came over to look at it and thought it was a sprain.  He wanted to keep on going with the hike but it became clear that just the jostling from walking was killing him.  I tried to make a sling out of an extra shirt, but there wasn't enough support for it to help.  I volunteered to take the short cut with him back and wait so he could just be still, but everyone agreed to just take the short cut back.  Brian still thought it wasn't broken and so he didn't think a trip to the ER was warranted.  We iced it and I wrapped up a long thin board book and then taped his arm to it with medical tape.  Then I used an ace bandage to wrap it good.  We gave him pain meds and let him watch a movie with the girls after the little ones went to bed.  He couldn't climb up to his bunk, so I made him a bed on the floor with a mattress.  I decided that I'd reassess in the morning and probably take him in for x-rays.

The ledge he fell from in the bouncy house.

Happy Father's Day!

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